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[Totem Animal] Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf Sketch ©2006

Unlike most pagans, neo-pagans, therians, otherkin, so on and so forth, I had felt no connection or warmth towards Wolf, and I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Since January, I have cultivated a powerful relationship and found an incredible teacher in Wolf.

* * *

Wolf attracts many students, intentionally or unintentionally, but doesn’t show any real interest in them unless they strike her as willing. Outsiders are tolerated, but to make any real connection you have to be willing to step into her territory. Don’t expect her to come looking for you. You can buy all the jewellery, clothing and items depicting her children as you can afford, but it means fuck all.

My first initial contact with Wolf was frightening – blood, flashes of teeth, shouting and screaming. Wolf is not a cuddly, friendly animal. She and her children are wild animals, something a lot of us seem to forget.

Wolf isn’t about tolerance and open-mindedness, and that is okay because that is not who I am. But Wolf is about respect – when invited into another pack/community, I have to remember my place as a guest and keep my mouth shut, do what I’m told and trust that the leaders know what they are doing. I have applied this to my work with Tuatha De Bridget, and I need to start doing this in the office. I can’t be the alpha in every situation, and I can be wrong. Following doesn’t mean accepting bullshit, but it does mean that I need to learn and accept my place in the world. If I cannot accept a community, then I should bow out.

Wolf and my work with the wolf hide has awakened a primal energy in me. It’s powerful, bloody and wild just like Wolf’s children. I hope this energy can be put to good use.

I’m sure Wolf has more in store for me, and I’d be a fool to say that I am not scared. But I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Link: My LiveJournal entries on my experiences with Wolf (you need to be on my friends list to read them)


  1. Hi!
    Would like to know how you managed to contact Wolf like you did in Wolf Hide. I have tried but I do not know how to go about doing it. I must sound really stupid saying this but could you please give me some pointers?

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