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My Shrine (Jan 2010)

As a neo-pagan totemist and aspiring contemporary shamanist, I feel that it is important to dedicate a space in my home for the honour of the spirits who work with me, inspire me and drive my passion for the natural world.

So for your viewing pleasure, here is the current layout of my shrine.

Left side: Didgeridoo (which I do not know how to play), an antique fox tail, a maneki neko, replica coyote skull, polar bear figurine, badger figurine and replica brown bear claw necklace.

Centre top: Portrait of a Maned Wolf (my primary totem and the animal I identify as), my anger jar and my happy jar.

Centre bottom: Tea cup (where I place financial offerings), piece of a Monkey Puzzle, a Pine Cone, a Grove Snail shell, stones (one from inside a potted plant pot, one from some train tracks, and one from the beach at Ardrossan), Wood Pigeon wings, Pigeon offering pouch, blue stones in a jar, and a Leopard sweater guard.

Right side: Roe Deer antlers, Red Deer antlers, Goat figurine and a White-tailed Deer pendant.

My shrine isn’t to/for any one entity in particular, but it functions as a home for gifts with meaning, a place of celebration and a beacon – indicating my home is a place of safety to spirits who cause no harm to me and mine. It isn’t fixed, items come and go from it, but I feel it is a reflection of who I am and where I’m going.

The Urban Animal

I am in the process of re-tagging some of my spiritual posts on my LiveJournal, and I came across this post from January 2009:

“Being an urbanimal is about being an animal person in a practical, real-world way. It’s about getting off your backside to make changes in the real world to benefit the animals you commune with. Practical totemism, rather than magical/spiritual totemism. It’s about admiring pigeons for adopting buildings as cliff faces. It’s about feeling the rhythm of the crowds marching though the city centre during the sales. It’s about seeing a daisy growing in a crack on the kerb, and realising that everything passes, progresses and moves on. And nature exists even in the darkest, piss-stained allyway. The buildings, statues and street furniture have seen it all, and will share their tales if given the chance. It’s about being a capitalist, gaming, internet addicted geek, who sees a sacredness in everything, even hir PC.”

I just thought I’d share it, mostly for my own benefit as I feel I am losing focus.

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