Hello m’dears and m’deers!

I thought I’d write a post about all the things going on in my life at the moment, with the possibility of developing each one into a fully-fledged blog post on it’s own. I’ll divide them up into ‘mind’, ‘body’ and ‘spirit’, but there are bound to be crossovers!


  • I’ve not written about it publicly but my mother passed away three months ago, eleven months after being diagnosed with cancer. Due to the variety of issues around my mother’s death, I’m dealing with a lot of complex trauma, and unfortunately I have to be my own therapist at this time.  I think I’m managing well, all things considered.
  • My chronic depression, anxiety and various other issues are, understandably, exacerbated meaning I’m pretty much unreliable this weather.
  • I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied by taking on a home study course. I’m working on a simple business administration course in order to brush up my admin skills with the intention of being a freelance virtual assistant.


  • My fibromyalgia has been a nightmare recently. I’m finally being referred to a pain clinic, and I’m starting to take pregabalin which a few of my fibrochick friends have recommended.
  • As I talked about in my last post, I’m starting to take control of my fitness. I go to the gym three times a week; I’m still tweaking my programme to find a balance between effort and impact, but I have already lost some inches from my waist and can fit (uncomfortably) into my jeans again.
  • Thanks to my friend Tam, I now have a bike. You can see me riding around the car park trying to get the hang of turning.


  • I’m trying to find energy for creative projects, but it is a bit tricky! I can’t remember the last time I drew something, or painted.
  • I am offering to do free tarot and oracle readings, so that I can practice! You can read about my offer here.
  • My partner and (mostly) I, are working on a podcast about the social justice issues raised in the sitcom Disney’s Dinosaurs. Yes really.
  • I really want a dog, but I know I am not in a place where I could look after one. I am managing my love affair with dogs by being a member of Borrow My Doggy. Through that site I’ve met Lily & Tinks, two wonderful canine companions.
  • Pokemon Go has been my saviour, I kid you not!
  • I have a new tattoo planned.
  • I’m a volunteer for OneKind, a charity that is focusing on ending cruelty to Scotland’s animals. The majority of my work is home-based research tasks, which is perfect for me right now, but I’m also starting to move into public engagement again.
  • The Burpeethon is back for a third year! This ridiculous fitness challenge has returned, and I’m hoping it will be the best event yet!