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[spirit] The Energy Civets

energycivet2At this time, I have an incredibly low energy level. After asking my friend Red for advice, she introduced me to her allies the Energy Civets.

The Civets are palm-sized animals that live in the forest. As they climb about the trees, eating the invasive parasites that live in their bark and on their leaves, the trees release small amounts of energy. This energy gathers up between the toes of the Civets and once in a while they pick it out and store it in a pouch in their belly.

The Civets are a natural silver-grey colour, but as their pouches fill they radiate the blue energy they gather.

The energy is later stored in jars hanging from the branches of a dead tree, central to their home forest. They know how precious it is, and guard it fiercely. Only the Civets can approach the tree.

Another important thing to know about the Civets is that they have a collective conscious – if you speak with one, you speak with them all.

I have entered into trade with the Civets – I exchange shiny blue objects for jars of energy. And I am very grateful to them for this.


  1. can u pls explain a little more about the way to get this energy from civets

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