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Spirits: Memory Spirits

memoryspirits2I’d like to apologise to the Spirits for my inability to represent them visually!

The Memory Spirits first made themselves known to me through a series of drawings I created at random, but didn’t really introduce themselves until I encountered them on one of my journeys.

Their appearance is quite intimidating – they are fluid entities, like swift mist, but can manipulate physical objects. Where their face would be, they use decorative masks or animal skulls.

The Spirits had been asking me to visit them, as they had something to teach me. As I wanted to make sure I could give them the time I need, it was a few days after their request before I could go to them.

They live in a grove in the forest. As I entered, they encircled me. One reached out and touched me, declaring that I had to die now.

My body dropped to the forest floor, and my body started decaying. My internal ecosystem devoured me from the inside, the external ecosystem consumed me from the outside. I was stripped of my physical form – nothing left but bones, which the earth greedily ate up.

There was nothing left.

From here, I watched my average day pass by only I wasn’t a part of events. I was aware of all of the people I usually encounter – my family, friends, work colleagues, fellow commuters, shop assistants … everyone in my life. I saw that through each of these interactions, no matter how insignificant, a little fragment of my souls is exchanged and lives on inside these other people long after I am dead. This is living memory.

The Memory Spirits showed me that when a person dies, the living memories they carry become homeless – they cannot go home, nor can they continue living with their previous caregiver. Memory Spirits step in, and offer these soul fragments a home with them, a safe place to carry on existing beyond physical death.

The Memory Spirits very kindly offer me support in my soul fragment work, by offering shelter to fragments that aren’t ready to return “home”. They offer this support in exchange for a small blood sacrifice on the full moon.


  1. is it the similar experience of ‘plainchit’ type
    have u ever find a spirit whom u had known in living days

  2. I’m sorry, I do not understand your question.

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