Please sign the petition: Scan cats killed by cars in West Dunbartonshire

Dougal the cat, relaxing on the couch.

All responsible cat owners will have their pets microchipped. This technology allows owners to be reunited to their pets should the worst happen, including a fatal accident. However, many local authorities in the UK do not bother to make use of microchips when they come across lost, or dead, cats.

There are risks to having outdoor cats, and road traffic accidents are one of them. As a cat owner, I feel that when such an accident happens, an owner who cares enough to microchip their pet has the right to know what has happened to their cat. In this spirit, I think that all local authorities should scan any dead cat they come across in their work.

There was a national petition about this issue, which West Dunbartonshire Council did not respond to. This gives me hope; hope that they are willing to do this one simple thing to end the awfulness of cat owners not knowing what happened to their companions.

My cat Dougal disappeared years ago. He was microchipped. He was previously in an RTA, and his microchip reunited us with him and allowed us to have him treated. But when he vanished, presumed dead, we had no information. If he was found by the local authority, we were not told. This is wrong.

Scanning a microchip takes no time at all, so I ask West Dunbartonshire Council to start scanning the deceased cats they find.

Please sign and share the petition. Thank you.