Energy Civet

Energy Civet

Primer – Who are the Energy Civets?

In the Early Days, before the Worlds were divided, humans were aided by the Energy Civets. In exchange for protecting their sacred forest home, the Civets would gift some of their collected energy to those humans who were in need. As the energy was potent and addictive, it was only given to those who were truly in need: the sick and infirm.

A young boy in a nearby settlement watched in awe as he saw the effects the energy had on the sick, the old and the suffering. The young boy was gifted with good health, but was not as blessed as his peers when it came to hunting, riding and sport.

As the young boy grew into a young man, he became bitter at how poor a hunter he was. He fantasised about how his prowess could improve if only he could have a share in that wonderful energy kept by the Civets.

One evening, after a particularly unlucky hunt, the young man stormed to the sacred tree and asked the Energy Civets for a share in their energetic bounty. The Civets, with one voice said:

“Our energy is for the sick and poor,
Not for fantasies of yours,
Return, return from whence you came,
Our gift is for those in pain”

The young man was furious. He believed so much that he was entitled to a share of the energy. In fury he pushed past the Civets, made it to the trunk of the sacred tree and snatched the nearest pocket of energy.

The energy entered the young man’s body, and with no illness to target it overwhelmed him. His heart raced, and he fell to the ground. The energy had no purpose inside the young man’s body, so had to return to the tree. The sacred tree’s roots burst through the ground and pulled the young man’s body beneath the soil. Screaming, his body was reduced to mulch, to atoms and molecules and reabsorbed by the tree. The young man was dead, but balance was restored.

The Energy Civets, being kind and compassionate, mourned the loss of the young man. They did not wish to see anyone harmed in such a way again, and worked their magic around their sacred tree. From that day onwards, no human could go near the tree, not without gaining the trust of the Civets, empathising with them, and learning the skill of shapeshifting so as to approach the tree in the form of a Civet..

The humans rarely approached the Civets after this event. They were afraid of the Civets and their gifts. Along with the rest of the other-folk, the Civets withdrew from the physical realm. Mistrusted and maligned, they retreated into one of the Other Worlds. Here they continue to reside, living their life as they have always done, and will help those with good heart who seek them out.