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[Totem Animal] Maned Wolf

5 - maned wolfI thought I’d start this blog with my essay on my experiences with Maned Wolf.


Maned Wolf has been in my life for many years. As I mistakenly believed that she was a therioside, I have only recently begun working with Maned wolf energy in a totemistic sense. Please remember, this is my experience of Maned Wolf energy. Your mileage may vary.


Misunderstanding, misdirection, clarity, revelation, to see the world as it really is, fire energy, creativity, song, dance, expressive activity, being yourself, accepting others, respecting yourself, knowing when outside support is needed, making the most of what you have, unexpected results and benefits


  • Maned wolf teaches the importance of protecting – through glamour and shielding

The first thing Maned Wolf brought to my attention was the concept of misunderstanding and misdirection. Not only are Maned Wolves described inaccurately as “foxes on stilts”, but the people who live near them mistakenly consider them to be unlucky. Even in my direct experience with Maned Wolf, I incorrectly believed that they were a therioside!

Misdirection is a useful skill. Through leading others to believe one thing about you, you can protect another part of yourself. It’s about tapping into glamour and using shields to guard the vulnerable and precious parts of yourself .

  • Maned wolf teaches the importance of understanding, through meditations and patience

From misunderstanding we can reach understanding with the application of time and patience. Maned Wolf, if they so wish, can guide you to see things as they really are, with the application of meditation and thought. The particular Maned Wolf aspect who has chosen to work with me has a very active third eye chakra – which (for me) somehow allows me the space and time I need to step back from any situation and view it more objectively.

  • Maned wolf teaches energetic and fiery creativity, and the importance of self-expression

The Maned Wolf who communicates with me is a fiery spirit. When she allows me to see into her mind, I always see flashes of her dancing and singing to the rhythm of flames. Maned Wolf is an expressive beast, a vibrant, energetic life form. She is passionate and focused.

  • Maned wolf teaches the importance of loving and respecting yourself as an equal to others

In the real world, the Maned Wolf forms a pairing with their mate, but the two lead very separate lives. This speaks to me of the importance of being comfortable with who you are and enjoying your own company. You need to take care of yourself, and do what is right for you. Your mind, body and soul all need looking after – it is very easy to love and respect others, but not so easy to love and respect yourself!

  • Maned wolf teaches the importance of support from those close to you

While being able to function as an individual is useful, you need to remember that there are people out there to support you. We are never really alone and we must learn to share our burdens at some points in our lives. Being alone is not the same as being lonely.

  • Maned wolf teaches the importance of making the most of what you have

The Maned Wolf, while classed as a carnivore, makes up a huge bulk of it’s diet from plant matter. This isn’t unusual, but it highlights the importance of being flexible and of being willing to use what comes to hand. This diet has the added bonus of creating a productive symbiotic relationship with both the seeds of the plants it eats and with the insects who use their dung as a fertiliser. Beautiful things can germinate from the seeds of necessity, we just can’t see it at times.

September 2008


  1. I would really love to know more about the Maned Wolf, I believe I have found it to be my Spiritual Guider and a lesson I just found out is that they are much like me the way described above.. I would appreciate some knowledge of the past on how these animals came about and what they could mean spiritual to the indians, or say what they could have meant in past times.. thanks, please reply.


    • Hi Chaz,

      Thank you for your comment. Maned Wolves came about like all animals, through the process of evolution and as I am not from India (neither is the Maned Wolf) I do not know what, if any, meaning they would have for Indians.

      My knowledge of animal totems comes from connecting with them myself, not from piggybacking along on the beliefs of cultures I am not a part of. If you really have Maned Wolf as a spirit guide, then communicate with him or her. I cannot tell you what he or she has planned for you.

      Best wishes,

      Em x

  2. A guará as a spirit guide. Quite odd I must say. I mean, that’s not common to see that people outside where we live that even know what a guará is.

    We used to see a lot of them back in the days. But now they retreated to wild, our cities have grown so much.

    Too bad people thinks that “necessary”.

    But, don’t worry, They are fine!! They just don’t want to be with humans anymore.

    Ah, I don’t know if you know that. But they’re not 100% meat-eaters. There’s a plant called “Lobeira” that Guaras eat. “Lobeira” means wolf’s thing, and they looks like a tomato, and some people even uses it to make jam and other delicacies.

    That makes about 50% of their diet. Hope that info can help you ^^

    See you later ;)

  3. Sorry, I meant “it looks like a tomato”

    Peace ^^

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