Energy Civet Shrine

Since Samhain, I have been aware of how poorly I manage excess energy, and how badly this excess energy can affect me. Having separate conversations with both Potia and Ravenari, I now have a strategy in place.

Using a breathing technique, I move the energy from where it is in my body, to a “storage place” between my throat and my heart. From here, I transfer this energy into a special jar where my dear friends, the Energy Civets, can come and collect what they need. The Civets can then take this energy to their sacred tree for storage, and then they can dispense it as they see fit. The special jar is left at a small shrine in my home, and is left open so that the excess energy can disperse into the world if the Civets cannot or do not want to take the offering.

I tested out the method today. During my morning self-check routine, I was aware of a knot/blockage at my solar plexus, and a couple of Civets were sitting on me, lapping at the blockage. I was able to transfer the blockage to my offering jar. Throughout the day, the Civets have been coming and going from the jar.

The Energy Civets are amazing people. I do not know if anyone else works with them, but they are so kind and helpful.