It’s a sad day for Europe

From mEUw @ FB
From mEUw @ FB

What the fuck, Britain?

I get rudely awoken this morning by the trumpeting of xenophobic fucknuts, proudly proclaiming that they have taken back Britain. “From who?” I wonder aloud. It was never taken to begin with!

For those of you unaware, Britain voted to leave the European Union. In actual fact, it was England and Wales who voted to leave. Scotland (my country) and Northern Ireland voted resoundingly to stay … but screw democracy, amirite?

My reasons for voting to stay in the EU are based on personal experiences, as I couldn’t give a hoot about economics or fishing quotas. To be fair, the majority of the Leave voters didn’t care about facts either, preferring instead to complain about ‘teh ebil immigrants’ who are simultaneously stealing our jobs and claiming our benefits. I’m still waiting for one of the knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers to explain that one to me.

From mEUw @ FB
From mEUw @ FB

When my mum was receiving chemotherapy, four out of five of her consultant oncologists were immigrants.┬áThe surgeon who saved her life back in April is the son of immigrants. In my time working as a carer, the people who look after those who are vulnerable, a huge number of my peers were immigrants. My rights as a worker are protected by EU law, because I cannot trust Westminster to look out for me. My partner’s work (finding a cure for cancer) relies heavily on university and research funding from the European Union. Animal welfare, human rights, environmental protection, social justice … all causes that I care about, and all receive more support from the EU than the UK.

But here we are, creating a legal, moral, intellectual and (dare I say) spiritual barrier between ourselves and the rest of Europe thanks to some small-minded, insular plebs who don’t even live in my country!

I was furious this morning, and I will be for days to come. However, every cloud has a silver lining. The cultural division between Scotland and the rest of the UK is larger than ever, which can only drive us closer to a second independence referendum. Out of this tragedy, Scotland could have another chance to be reborn.

Keep dreaming!

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