Claim your free zine!

Pile of Kurt ZinesMy first zine, all about the stray cat that lives in my garden, is available for free. However I do ask that you give a donation to your local branch of Cats Protection (or your local cat rescue if you live outside of the UK) in exchange. Just drop me an e-mail at melee(dot)meles(at)gmail(dot)com.

Bulk copies of the zine are available on request, through I will need to ask for a contribution towards printing costs.

About the “Kurt” zine

Kurt on the day he was trapped and neuteredThe “Kurt” zine is a very simplified version of Kurt’s story; how I imagine he came to be a stray cat living rough in the gardens of my home town. You can read his story in this blog post: the short version is that we had a stray cat regularly visiting our home for food, and with the support of Cats Protection we trapped, neutered and released him. TNR is the best way of ensuring the welfare of stray and feral cats, while helping to control their population, but Cats Protection can’t do TNR projects without donations.

The zine just a wee fun project I started to keep out of trouble, and is by no means a polished piece of work. I’ll write up a separate post about making the zine for those of you who are curious.