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13165849_10156918852250343_6205642873862213607_nLife is hard, is it not? I’m unemployed once again, my family is facing some major challenges, I’m still waiting for my Asperger’s diagnosis, my fibromyalgia is worsening, and all of that is causing epic levels of depression and anxiety. The negativity is palpable, and I cannot be bothered with it any more!

Last Thursday, I decided to celebrate all of the good things in my life. Out in the garden, it was a beautiful sunny day and my lawn was overrun with cuckoo flowers and dandelions. With my drum and my voice, I asked for my Goddess and the local spirits to join me.  I made a list of everyone and everything I am grateful for and then charged a candle for each of them. Each candle was lit in the presence of the Spirits, then we all chilled in the garden with some music and cider.

This was the most informal ritual I have ever done, but it had the best vibes. Things feel tough in the short-term, but long-term I am #blessed (chuckle). The disconnection I have been feeling in my heart (something that I may write about later) has lessened, and I feel like I can achieve things. I am a lucky soul.

What do you guys do to celebrate gratitude?

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  1. I try to speak my gratitude to those who have given me reason to be grateful. Too often we assume they already know.

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