I have been spending much of my free time watching Let’s Play videos of video games from my past, and many games I never completed or never had the opportunity to play for myself. This weekend I chose to watch a play-through of Digimon World for the Playstation, and so many memories came flooding back.

When I was younger, I was captivated by Digimon. I remember the first time I caught an episode. It was at my aunt’s house, because we didn’t have cable or satellite TV at the time. Some ordinary, and flawed, kids somehow managed to build relationships with magical creatures who could shapeshift if needed. Amazing, and so much better than the Pokemon anime.

At a time when I began withdrawing from my old friends and failing to make new ones, I spent much of my time watching the show, reading up about it, and collecting the (very limited) toy range that was available to a pre-internet fan. I would leave classes early so that I could watch the series when it was finally broadcast on terrestrial television. There was just something about Digimon that clicked with me, and made me inexplicably happy at a time where I was struggling socially and academically.

And here’s what many people will consider the ‘pathetic’ part; my Digimon obsession took place when I was at university.

Nowadays it is perfectly acceptable to have hyper-interests in anime, but at the time it just made me more of an outcast. While my peers were being refined artists, I was sat at my desk with my doll collection.

Memories like this are important to me. It ties in with my current work as a totemist; if I hadn’t crossed paths with shows like Digimon, shows that speak of venturing into other realms and developing mutual friendships with other beings, I may not have come across ideas such as shamanism and totemism. Digimon was a gateway into seeing the world differently, and acknowledging that behind the world we physically see there are other worlds running parallel.

Thank you, Digimon. And now that I am a proper grown-up, I can proudly go back to obsessing over them.