A taxidermy wildcat wearing a crochet scarf and a Santa hat/

My first crochet scarf. Hat is model’s own.

The crochet lumps… they have evolved!

For those of you following me on Instagram, you will have seen the ups and downs of my crochet adventure. Mostly the downs. It all began earlier this year, when I decided I should learn a craft skill. Ignoring the sewing machine that has been lying alone and abandoned in my cupboard just crying out for attention, I went to the craft section of Waterstones to choose a project.

A funky little box called “Granny Squares” caught my eye. It contained everything I needed to crochet some granny squares of my own. “Perfect,” I thought, “that is a great place to start learning to crochet.”


All of the instructions were in Double Dutch! This was not the Crochet 101 project I was looking for, so I was left upset and disappointed. I was also left with a crochet hook and a stash of yarn that I could not return to the store. Not to be defeated, I turned to YouTube for some advice and tutorials. Goddammit, I *was* going to learn how to crochet!

As you can see, over the course of two months I gradually figured out how to do a single crochet. I had to experiment with different yarns and hooks, and watch videos over and over again before it finally clicked. And when it clicked, a scarf happened. They just happen spontaneously when you crochet!

I have mastered the single crochet, and I feel marvellous about it. It is amazing how relaxed I feel when I’m moving the yarn and hook in my hands. I have started taking them everywhere with me; the train, the pub, hospital waiting rooms, the Robot Wars studio … crochet is just so addictive.

I am not so sure what to do next though. Just now I am making another scarf with some cotton yarn. I am wondering if there are any projects I can do with just a single crochet, or if I should move on and learn another type. I’m keen to make something other than scarves, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself! For the time being, you can find me chilling with my yarn and hook.