“My work is a celebration of animal energy and can be used to honour an animal, to mediate on an animal’s teachings or to bring some wild energy into your, or a loved one’s, life.”

The Prince of Autumn


Thank you for your interest in commissioning one of my animal portraits!

I am happy to accept commissions for pet portraits, totem/power animal portraits, and depictions of animals both real and otherworldly.

My work is a celebration of animal energy and can be used to honour an animal, to mediate on an animal’s teachings or to bring some wild energy into your life. My techniques are a result of years of study at the Glasgow School of Art and experience as a Neo-Pagan Totemist.

I graduated from the GSA in 2005 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art: Environmental Art. Since then I have enriched my practice through self-directed study, and through my voluntary work in the natural world.

Please be aware that my style is evolving, and that I am focusing more on the energy of an animal than on creating a ‘realistic’ portrait. If I am working on a companion animal commission, I will require high quality photographs to work from.

Return of the Sun


My commission portraits are all created on Strathmore 500 Series Illustration Board, which is a high quality resilient surface. I bring my portraits to life with waterproof fineliners, acrylics, watercolours, coloured pencils and metallic inks. All materials are chosen for their durability though I do recommend framing to protect my art from the elements.

My process

Pet portraits – For any pet portrait I require several high-quality photographs of your animal companion. If practical, I would also be honoured to meet your animal companion.

Other portraits – If the animal totem/spirit is known to you, a written description will help me see what you see and feel what you feel. Over the next week, I will attempt to contact the animal energy through journey work. If he/she is willing to work with us, I will do my best to learn from them and carry back a piece of their energy to incorporate into the finished art work.

If I can take the commission, I would like to discuss any ideas you have for scale, composition and colour. I can then give you a price for the finished piece. If we are in agreement I will ask for  a non-refundable deposit of £30 (equivalent to two hours of my time).

It will take me up to four weeks to complete the artwork. During that time I will keep in touch with you by e-mail, and show you the work in progress sketches of the piece.

Once the piece is finished, I will ship it to you once I am paid in full.

Blackface Aries

Pricing and payment

I price my commissions based on the amount of time I believe it will take to complete a piece. I charge £15 an hour for the time it takes to sketch, ink and colour a work.

On average, a piece measuring 297x210mm (A4) will cost around £45, though this can vary due to the complexity of the piece.

Postage and packaging costs will be worked out based on your requirements.

If we are working in person, I can accept cash, cheque or PayPal. If we cannot meet in person, then payment should be made by PayPal. Layaway is available. I will consider trading skills, books, treatments or animal remains as payment.


All of my work is © Emma-Jayne Saanen and all copyright and reproduction rights are retained by me; this is non-negotiable so please do not ask.

I reserve the right to use images of the work I produce for my own portfolio and websites. Any work I made for you can be used privately/for your own personal use.

If you wish to use the work commercially (e.g. on a website, for packaging, for advertising and so on), please speak with me to arrange a licensing agreement. This will increase the price of the work.

Are you interested in working with me? Then please say hello!