Cult of the Tiger, by Valmik Thapar, published by OUP India in 2002

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I had seen this book recommended by a friend, and the cover just drew me in. Thapar is a naturalist and conservationist from India with a passion for the tiger; you can feel it in his every word.

This is a very short book that only gives a taste of the impacts tigers have had on the humans they co-habit with. I was expecting something joyful and spiritual, but in reality Thapar has documented the negative impact us white Westerners have had on the cultures we have brutally colonised. By murdering the tiger with our guns, we prove to the indigenous people that whites are more powerful than their gods. It’s grim to recall the damage we have done, and it’s aftermath is still going strong.

If you have more than a casual interest in tigers, or are interested in animal magic, this book would make an excellent addition to your library. The book can be pretty expensive to buy new, but of you are on a budget you can pick up an affordable second-hand copy.