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[Totem Animal] European Rabbit

2 - european rabbitRabbits are quite commonly discussed as totem animals, but my perspective differs drastically from the cute, lovable and fuzzy reputation that they have.

The European Rabbit is nature’s foot soldier – they can go into any environment, lay down some basic preparations and take over vast areas of land. Rabbit as a totem has no fear, and is an indestructible force.

We just have to look at Rabbit’s children to see this. As individuals, each rabbit is vulnerable to predation, disease, drought and famine. But as a collective entity, the species continues – pushing further and further into new territory. They can take the losses in their stride as individuals are quickly replaced due to Rabbit’s ability to reproduce so very quickly.

On my first journey to meet Rabbit, I was torn apart and consumed by hir children. I existed in all of them, and could see the strength they had in their vast numbers. Rabbit is unstoppable, and a creature to be treated with respect.

Rabbit teaches us that the needs of the many can outweigh the needs of the few. We as individuals sometimes need to give up our own needs and desires, to make progress as a group. There is strength in numbers, if each individual is on the same wavelength. Most of us dislike giving up our individuality, but sometimes to succeed we need to make a sacrifice.

Of course, there is a danger in following the crowd. Always make sure that the collective goal will be of benefit to the majority.

Rabbit is a great survivor – various population control methods barely make a dent in their numbers. The world throws everything at them, and is seemingly against them, yet they are still here. This is a valuable energy that can be drawn upon at times when you feel threatened – you can survive too.

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  1. I really like this; he has a good expression, and really captures the energy of Rabbit. Good color choices, too; a bit unconventional, but they work.

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