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[Totem Animal] Domestic Goat

1 - GoatThe Domestic Goat doesn’t have a glowing reputation – sie is often perceived as decadent, devious and distrustful. In my experience, these are just misinterpretations of hir true nature.

Rather than being a greedy and lusty being, Goat is in touch with the real world, and knows how to enjoy hir lot in life. Those of us who are of a spiritual persuasion often lose touch with the physical world, and neglect the sacredness of the world around them. Goat can teach us how to embrace the physical and to celebrate it as part of the divine.

Goats are often seen as destructive. While it is true that they can decimate an area of vegetation, Goats are actually very particular about what they will and won’t eat. We sometimes don’t consider the food we put into our bodies, but Goat can show us that eating can be a pleasurable experience – not just something we have to do.

Unlike most herbivores, Goat is rarely perceived as gentle and delicate, like Deer and Antelope (although we know that this is far from the truth!) A major source of Goat’s power lies in hir tough skull and horns. These help to define social roles in the herd and offer a powerful weapon when dealing with predators. Goat is headstrong, and this is not always a bad thing!

But it is not all serious business! Goat is a joyful, playful, curious being who loves to investigate and learn. They will frolic with their herd-mates and explore the world around them. Hard work pays off, but Goat can show us that without time to enjoy what we have earned the effort is worthless – take time to embrace your successes!

The Domestic Goat is a spectacular yet under-appreciated totem. Goat is a joyful, powerful and friendly ally and can share with us a passion for the good things in life.

20th April 2009

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