Hello m’dears and m’deers!

multi June 16

I’m Emma-Jayne Saanen, and I want to change the world.

I am a navel-gazer, artist, blogger, pagan and jack-of-all-trades.

urbanimal.co.uk was originally a home for my art portfolios, but now it hosts all facets of my online life.

I find it hard to settle into one ‘thing’. At the moment, I am:

An artist and illustrator

A campaigner and fundraiser

A tarot and oracle reader

If I can be of help to you in one of those roles, feel free to drop me an e-mail at: melee.meles@gmail.com

My interests

I have interests in quite a few things, which often feature as topics in my blog:

-Animals (zoology, welfare and rights)
-Disabilities, and managing them in day-to-day life
-Krav Maga and its challenges
-Paganism and other religions (Buddhism, Satanism, Jedism)
-My local environment
-Personal development and self-improvement

I also love cats, chai lattes and watching gamers on YouTube.

Social media

You can find me on: