A write-up on European Otter as a totem will follow in a few days. For the time being, I wanted to share this pathworking with you.

European Otter

European Otter

Reindeer cleared the path to the Otherworlds that Karamunji and I followed. We arrived on the shore where my little camp is. Red was waiting, and she accompanied us to the stone circle on the boundary between her garden and the rest of the realm. Waiting for us was the totem of Otter; he was huge, matched me in height and he glowed with a golden light.

“Hello Otter,” I said, “Thank you for meeting me at the healing workshop, and for being there when I practice Reiki.” I clutched my left wrist, where I wear the seaweed bracelet Otter gave to me during the meditation at the healing workshop and asked “Is there anything else I should see?”

I was transported underwater with Otter. I cannot swim, and I fear large bodies of water, but I was unafraid. The water was a luminous blue, and danced around me. I could hear the water singing, but I could not understand the language. There was no need to be scared. Otter swirled around me, and spoke to me about the similarities water has to spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy can flow in different ways and at different rates. It can slow down to a trickle, or dry up completely if its flow is restricted. Conversely, it can rage in torrents, flood and overwhelm us if we cannot manage it. Like water, spiritual energy has to move. Lots of water, if forced to stay still, becomes stagnant. Even if you have lots of spiritual energy, not allowing it to flow where it needs to will cause it to become toxic.

Spiritual energy can aid healing, and this healing occurs on its own, naturally, if given enough time. Just as water can be slowed, diverted or blocked, so to can healing spiritual energy, but just like water, it will find its way. Water can carve through mountains. Spiritual energy can carve through any hindrance.

The healing will happen. The seaweed bracelet is a reminder of that.

Otter and I returned to the stone circle, and joined with Red, Kara, Kulta and the young Memory Spirit to continue our work.