Writing a blog post when you have nothing to talk about!

Emma wearing her fox ears and tail.

It’s funny.

I have a job. A great job. I get to support a cause I am passionate about, I get to meet some amazing people and I get to go to some fun places.

However, as my job is unpaid my work isn’t considered valuable to our patriarchal capitalist society. Instead I have to look for paid work that doesn’t contribute anything of real value to society, just to satisfy the government. It’s really frustrating, and I’m not smart enough to find a solution to the mess our society is in. Universal Basic Income is a likely way forward, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. UBI could free people from jobs they hate, allowing them to do the work they want to do. Our communities need people to do real work.

I am enjoying my work with OneKind, both as an events assistant and as the Glasgow Team organiser, but I am scared that I will have to give it up to fit in with yet another toxic work culture.

I’m not depressed, I’m just stuck in a world full of folk who value the wrong things!


It was the third and final year of my annual fundraising event, the Burpeethon. I am proud to say that over the three years we ran the Burpeethon, 77 volunteers did 27,780 burpees and raised £7,657 in donations. All of that money went straight to Scottish Women’s Aid, supporting their work in ending domestic violence.

There is no way I could have raised that amount of money on my own. I am so grateful to everybody who took part and donated. Thank you.


One of Emma's granny squares

My crocheting has slowed down as my class has finished up. I’m not great at doing things myself, under my own steam.

I do have plans to make a granny square blanket, and I want to make a temperature blanket between my 34th and 35th birthday. It’s going to be sweet!

I’m trying to exercise my creative muscles in general. I want to do daily doodles, blog more often (even when I don’t really feel motivated – hence this post) and come up with a new project to replace the Burpeethon.

Harrison Wells doodle

Today’s daily doodle makes me feel so awkward. I don’t draw humans, and I hate showing people anything that I do not consider perfect, but I drew a human and I have shared it online. It’s Dr. Harrison Wells from “The Flash”. After watching “Legends of Tomorrow”, I had to go back and watch it followed by “Arrow”.  It’s been ages since I’ve enjoyed a TV series as much as these. I think the last time was “Game of Thrones”.


The awkward ending. I really want to improve my blogging skills, rather than just ramble to an awkward close. Ha! I hope you are well, and that the world is being kind to you.